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DevOps: A Brief History

Fri, Apr 17, 2015
I had heard the word DevOps mentioned over the last several years, but I never gave it much thought. Perhaps I’m dense; my official job title is DevOps Engineer, however, I’ve since been “promoted” to Hip-Hoperations Engineer. Since attending ChefConf 2015 I’ve learned that having DevOps in your job title may or may not be “good”, depending on whom you ask. Has my ignorance resulted in a DevOps faux pas?


Thu, Apr 2, 2015
This was my first time speaking at a tech conference and my first time attending ChefConf. In short, the conference was well organized and I had a great time speaking and meeting new people. This year’s conference was held in Santa Clara, California at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I had any number of remarkable experiences, and I think Chef, the organizers, and the Chef community at large should be very proud of how the conference turned out.